DAD system provides people with a decentralized advertising network. This is a place where everyone can reach out to the new type of audience.

With DAD, people can use smart contracts to publish their ads online. This is a much safer and more secure way to deal with advertisements. The publishers can register in blockchain and share the available ad positions.

The project set off far back in 2013, when they launched a global ad system and started monetizing the developer traffic. Years went by as they became one of the top ten global ad platforms with over 110’000 clients and 150 million monthly users. In 2017, the DAD project launched their first blockchain global ad delivery system. They kept developing and upgrading their product, and in 2020 they were finally ready to launch the Beta version of the DAD decentralized ads system.

All that helps the DAD project make the world’s best decentralized advertisement system based on blockchain. They ensure transparency of data that helps advertisers have a better picture of the whole framework and trace down every dollar spent. The Lightning Network ensures that even micro-amount or high-frequency ads work out well. The DAD project also optimizes delivery, as the label system with the help of AI algorithms make the ad conversion grow significantly.

DAD token is developed according to ERC-20 standards. It can be easily converted into ETH and is now widely traded on such platforms as Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, Bitglobal, and AscendEX (Bitmax). The token also takes part in the GIIS compensation programme for the investors who are looking for opportunities to use DAD in other areas of the crypto industry.

Currently, the project is working towards another top-quality product that they will present, the Polygon project that is also a part of DAD 2.0 Demo, soon on all of the platforms! There they are building a whole new Metaverse, and DAD token is going to be the essential component of it.

DAD 2.0 would be solving the following problems:

  • Centralized service providers who restrict delivery;
  • Lack of interactivity in the delivered content;
  • Impossibility for delivery channels to connect the real world and the blockchain worlds together.

With DAD tokens, one even now can pay for their ads without limits and be sure that it will be delivered with high interactivity in a blockchain delivery database.